Capturing Lost Dollars To Increase Profits

           Our ultimate goal is to provide the tools and reports required to improve your financial picture.  Navigating foodservice distribution waters is challenging.  It takes a great deal of focus, the right analytical tools and years of experience to catch the many ways your total spend increases  due to incorrect pricing and unauthorized products being sold.    Let CRM provide you with a professional solution to product tracking and price verification! 


Cost Reduction Management - CRM in Parsippany, NJ  is a supply chain management consulting company with over 30 years of experience working with Chain Restaurant Companies to reduce the cost of goods

and increase profits. 

Combining Technology & People

Many companies offer you access to Big Data.   That can create data overload and cause your staff to spend time formatting reports.  CRM reviews all your data and produces Excel reports identifying problems while eliminating unneccessary data.

Experience Matters

Since 1984 CRM has negotiated, implemented and managed local, regional and national distribution programs.  Our customized database adds another dimension of analysis to our portfolio.  Our reporting tools provide the missing link to full price and product verification. 

Financial IMPACT

You can rely on us to provide you with superior results.  Our clients will be happy to share their stories of CRM's tangible and intangible impact on their companies.  We offer a Free analysis  and complete assessment of your supply chain from manufacturing through your distribution program.

"I am anxious to introduce you to our proven system of cost reduction, price verification and product tracking.  The amount of money left on the table  when the customer allows the distributor to self audit is significant. -  Steve Salzberg - President - CRM.

"I've worked with the CRM System for the last 20 years.  The reporting flexibility our datsabase offers is second to none.  Our clients consider us a part of their team and we work hard to provide the superior results they have come to expect.   Doris Salzberg - Office Manager - CRM

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